July-August Releases


July: Perfect Enough by Kelly Artieri; His Gift by Joan C. Benson; When Hearts Break by Jerry Eicher; Daddy, How Does a Sloth Give a Hug? by Diane Elgin; I’m Bored by Fran Fernandez; Before Your Birth Day by Teresa Krager; and Ladies of the Fire by Robin Luftig.

We may have missed posting these summer releases, but rest assured, we haven’t slacked off on getting your words to press. Publication continues apace despite COVID. Here are our July and August releases. Enjoy and pass the link along to your reading friends.

AugustReturn to Blueberry Street by Debbie Burton; Yes, You Can by Beth Gormong and Jeanette Levellie; Runner Shoots His Best Game by Marsha Hubler; What About Me by Kim Johnson; Awakening by Beckie Lindsey; I Hate Oatmeal by Jan Lis; Aunt Ida Clare by Michele McCarthy; Puppy Ciao by Annette O’Hare; Easton at the Pass by Rebecca Price Janney; Train to Laramie by Andrew Roth




Georgie and his sister, Isabella, enter the foster system after their elderly grandmother can no longer take care of them. Georgie is worried he must be perfect in order to stay in his new home. Can he be perfect, or is he perfect enough?

Hardcover $18.99; Paperback $9.99; E-book $3.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-039-1 (paperback) 978-1-64949-040-7 (hardcover) 978-1-64949-041-4 (trade) 978-1-64949-042-1 (E-book)





Dreams Can Come True

Brace yourself for a thrilling race through the twists and turns of a young woman determined to see her dream come true. On the cusp of the stock market crash of 1929, seventeen-year-old Molly has aspirations for a career in music after high school. With the passion of an athlete preparing for the Olympics, she trains relentlessly to become the best she can be. As her world collapses in unimaginable ways, she is left to find peace and purpose in the midst of her crisis. The message of His Gift is universal to anyone who has ever dared to dream in spite of uncontrollable circumstances. The reader will discover with Molly, the hope and peace in a life when yielded to the Giver of all gifts.

Paperback $12.99; E-book $4.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-030-8 (paperback) 978-1-64949-031-5 (trade) 978-1-64949-032-2 (E-book)



Amish Fiction with Classic Storytelling

When Hearts Break is a powerful and beautiful work from the hand of Jerry Eicher. With this book, he moves Amish fiction from delightful romances into the realm of realism and classic storytelling. Jerry gives us full-blooded characters in their struggles and complexities, the things they overcome by the grace of God and the things that bring them to their knees in humility and defeat. By doing this, he makes his entire novel shine. Five stars. Highly recommended.
—Murray PuraThe Face of Heaven, Ashton Park, The White Birds of Morning, Gettysburg

Paperback $14.99; E-book $4.99

ISBNs 978-1-64949-027-8 (paperback) 978-1-64949-028-5 (trade) 978-1-64949-029-2 (E-book)



Do Animals Give Hugs?

In this story, they sure do! Kayla doesn’t want to go to bed, so she asks Daddy many questions about how different animals give hugs.

Daddy shows her, and Kayla always ends up in his arms.

Paperback $9.99; E-book $4.99

ISBNs 978-1-64949-003-2 (paperback) 978-1-64949-004-9 (hardcover) 978-1-64949-005-6 (trade) 978-1-64949-006-3 (E-book)




Baseball practice is rained out again. Zach is stuck in again. He is bored again. However, Zach soon finds himself in the most unusual, upside-down, inside-out Unboring Land. He comes to see unending excitement and unending sweets are not as great as he thought. After too much of non-stop everything, Zach decides listening to his mom and Sunday School teacher might be a good idea.

Hardcover $19.99; Paperback $12.99; E-book $4.99

ISBNs 978-1-64949-007-0 (paperback) 978-1-64949-008-7 (hardcover) 978-1-64949-009-4 (trade) 978-1-64949-0010-0 (E-book)




How does your baby grow?

Picture book about the stages of growth of a baby from conception to birth told in rhyme for children.

The perfect baby shower or birth day gift!

Hardcover $19.99; Paperback $10.99 E-book $4.99

ISBNs 978-1-64949-011-7 (paperback) 978-1-64949-012-4 (hardcover) 978-1-64949-013-1 (trade) 978-1-64949-014-8 (E-book)




Can a woman on the run find herself again?

The late 1960s sets the newly-widowed Lily-Rose Pembrick reeling as she flees Lincoln, Nebraska, with her children. Only taking the cash from the house safe and what she can get her hands on at the family bank, she leaves the recently-inherited and successful Pembrick Transportation company behind.

Exhausted from driving all night, she stops in Applegate, Ohio, and decides to start a new life on Norwood Street. There, she meets Fiona Kasey, an African-American no-nonsense housekeeper/companion to an elderly white woman, and Sugar Bowersox, a Southern spitfire who has lost herself in motherhood.

Together, they enjoy Lily-Rose’s backyard fire pit, where dreams are spoken and secrets revealed. As they embrace a kinship they never would have sought, Lily-Rose begins to think her past can finally be laid to rest—until someone ends up dead.

When Lily-Rose’s past catches up with her, who will be left standing?

Paperback $14.99; E-bok $4.99

ISBNs 978-1-951970-91-8 (paperback) 978-1-951970-92-5 (trade) 978-1-951970-93-2 (E-book)




Buddy is back and ready to follow his nose into new adventures. When a porch pirate steals their treats, Buddy leads his canine companions on a mission to track down the bandit of Blueberry Street.

Once again, Buddy’s rival, Blitz, mocks the little beagle’s limitations and opposes his leadership. Return to Blueberry Street teaches the values of friendship and fairness while engaging readers in a mystery that leaves everyone guessing until the furry finale.

ISBNs 978-1-64949-047-6 (paperback) 978-1-64949-048-3 (hardcover) 978-1-64949-049-0 (trade) 978-1-64949-050-6 (E-book)





Society strives to convince women to believe they can do anything and accomplish whatever they desire. The truth is, we can’t do it by ourselves. Through modern-day true accounts and biblical examples of women who overcame impossible odds, Yes, You Can! shows how to:

•Receive and believe God’s undying love for us
•Trust in God’s willingness to answer our prayers
•Tap into God’s power to achieve our goals
•Walk in God’s wisdom to navigate hard circumstances
•Find God’s strength to overcome impossibilities

Each chapter includes a journaling prompt or coloring page to help you personalize the life-changing truths.

Paperback $9.99; E-book $4.99

ISBNs 978-1-64949-055-1 (paperback) 978-1-64949-056-8 (trade) 978-1-64949-057-5 (E-book)



Ashland, Pennsylvania, 1959

Fourteen-year-old Tommi “Pockets” Leland and fifteen-year-old Vince “Runner” Ramsey have become the best of friends ever since they met while shooting pool at Joe’s Variety Store in downtown Ashland. But Pockets’ newfound faith in God and Runner’s lure to break the law puts a deep wedge in their relationship.

Runner is caught stealing, and only Captain Arlene Masters, counselor at Salvation Army Post 71, saves him from being sent to the Erie Reform School for at least a year. Although he walks the straight and narrow for a while, he doesn’t seem to learn his lesson. While Pockets and Runner work as pinsetters at the Sunset Bowling Lanes, Pockets spots Runner at the cash register. Is he stealing money again?

Pockets’ heart is ripped to shreds as Runner is arrested. Now he’ll probably be sent away for a long, long time.

Or will he?

Paperback $9.99; E-book $4.99

ISBNs 978-1-64949-033-9 (paperback) 978-1-64949-034-6 (trade) 978-1-64949-035-3 (E-book)


A delightful book for picky little eaters.

Timmy refuses to eat his oatmeal. Mother tries to make his cereal look yummy, with no luck. See what she does with the oatmeal and how Timmy reacts.

Hardcover $19.99; Paperback $10.99; E-book $4.99

ISBNs 978-1-649490951-3 (Paperback) 978-1-649490952-0 (Hardcover) 978-1-649490953-7 (Trade) 978-1-649490954-4 (E-book)






Rosalina is not quite sure what to think of their new babysitter, Aunt Ida Clare. Aunt Ida is quite the sight. Rosalina’s Daddy calls her flamboyant.

Aunt Ida Clare shares the purpose behind speaking life-giving words to an unsuspecting brother and sister.

She is positively the best thing to happen to these impressionable children.

Hardcover $31.99; Paperback $10.99; E-book $5.99

ISBNs 978-1-64949-068-1 (Paperback); 978-1-64949-069-8 (Hardcover) 978-1-64949-070-4 (Trade) 978-1-64949-071-1 (E-book)





How far would you go to save innocent animals? Would you risk your life?

In the small town of Kerrville, Texas, thirteen-year-old Jeannie McKay has a notorious reputation for trying to right the world’s wrongs. When Jeannie and her best friend, Jonathan Wooten, rescue two purebred Weimaraner puppies found drowning in Johnson Creek, she vows to find out who is responsible. With the help of her small band of friends, Jeannie plunges head-first into solving the mystery.

Until she discovers … she’s in too deep.

Paperback $10.99; E-book $4.99

ISBNs 978-1-64949-043-8 (Paperback) 978-1-64949-044-5 (Hardcover) 978-1-64949-045-2 (Trade) 978-1-64949-046-9 (E-book)







Battle-weary Revolutionary War hero Peter Kichline and his remaining troops have returned to Easton mending from combat and captivity, having yearned for the familiar sights and sounds of their home town and its endearing people. Meanwhile, back in the future, Erin Miles is settling into her new life after moving to Easton with her son.

Yet something is not right—for either of them. The ground has shifted, and the world they once knew and cherished has changed. What they counted on to define themselves and their purpose in life is gone, and they set out to discover, “Who am I now?”

Easton at the Pass is book four in the much-loved and award-winning Easton Series about two people, over two hundred years apart, joined by blood ties, parallel experiences, and a winsome town beckoning “come home.”

Paperback $14.99; E-book $7.99

ISBNs 978-1-64949-058-2 (Paperback) 978-1-64949-059-9 (Trade) 978-1-64949-060-5 (E-book)





Tess flees her lecherous stepfather but takes the wrong train, arriving in Laramie. This end of tracks town bursts with workers building the Transcontinental Railroad, striving to lay the rails that will connect a nation. Threatened by outlaws, Tess is helped by Brett Calloway, a tie cutter for the Union Pacific. But when her stepfather locates her and joins the outlaws terrorizing the region, will her newfound faith in Christ be enough to guide Tess through the danger?

Paperback $14.99; E-book $7.99

ISBNs 978-1-64949-065-0 (Paperback) 978-1-64949-066-7 (Trade) 978-1-64949-067-4 (E-book)







How to Survive Your Parents’ Divorce

You didn’t want your parents’ split to happen, but it did. And now your life has changed in ways you never imagined. One minute you’re miserable and the next so mad you want to scream. You feel alone and abandoned, like things will never be good again.

As much as it hurts, your story isn’t finished. God still has a purpose for you. While the breakup ended one part of your life, it’s the beginning of the next. Now you have the choice to give up or take courage and learn to cope. The tips and tools in What About Me? will provide you with help, healing and hope to survive your parents’ divorce.

Paperback $10.99; E-book $4.99

ISBNs 978-1-951970-94-9 (Paperback) 978-1-951970-95-6 (Trade) 978-1-951970-96-3 (E-book)





Every girl has a secret she hopes the light will never find—but the demons already have.

As four high school girls are faced with life-altering decisions, their new-found faith will be tested. Although warrior angels are assigned to guard and assist the unlikely friends, they must rely on their faith to withstand the evil Duke Astaroth and the beast’s demonic horde.

Now that their spiritual eyes are open to daily battles between unseen forces of good and evil, lives are at stake.

Lifelong friends Krystal and Bryce are finally an official couple. But can their love survive the greatest trial they’ve ever faced?

Since Mackenzie’s mentally ill mother was hospitalized, she secretly worries that her deepest nightmare may come true.

While best friends Tammi and Sadie continue healing from their abusive pasts, each wrestles with temptations that threaten to undermine their recovery.

Can beauty arise from the ashes of despair and loss?

Will the girls embrace who and whose they truly are?

Paperback $14.99; E-book $7.99

ISBNs 978-1-64949-061-2 (Paperback) 978-1-64949-062-9 (Hardcover) 978-1-64949-063-6 (Trade) 978-1-64949-064-3 (E-book)



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