November-December Releases

Happy New Year!

2020 is a wrap – and here is the final set of releases for the year that was. I’m sure you all have your adjectives to describe last year, but after a holiday break, we’re looking ahead to 2021 and a slate of new publications.

In the November-December releases, you’ll find several Christmas-themed books for kids and adults. But who says the Christmas story is limited to December. Our motto is Publishing the Positive–and is there anything more positive and timely than God made flesh? You’ll also find a year’s worth of devotionals on the Psalms as well as a children’s book written to help children understand and cope with the death of someone close to them.

Ed’s Christmas Miracle by Ginny Merritt; ABCs on the Move by Randall Arthur; Just a Moment: Changes Life Forever by Billie Fulton; Voices from the Past and Hunting for Destiny by Derinda Babcock; A Holy Night in Bethlehem by Kristin Lehr; Once Upon a Book: A Choose-Your-Own-Quest Novel by Faith Weaver; Psalms 365: Develop a Life of Worship and Prayer by David Kitz; Newspaper Caper by Max Elliott Anderson; Makayla’s Heart: Moment by Moment by Dell Hyssong; and Always Remembering Papa by Amanda Godfrey.


Tonight is Christmas Eve, your family is sick, there’s no food in the house, and there’s no snow on the ground. What would you do?

Nine-year-old Ed prayed, “Father, it’s me, Ed. Edwin Stevens. I want to ask You something. My mom and dad are sick and so are my brothers and sister. Could You please help them get better?

“And Father? I’m glad Jesus was born, and I’m glad tomorrow is Christmas. But I was just wondering if You could please send some snow to make His birthday special?

“Thanks, Father. Amen.”

Did God answer Ed’s prayer? Follow his adventures on Christmas Day in a rural New York village. Discover how hard work and a community spirit combined with faith bring about a child’s miracle.

$7.99 paperback | $3.99 e-book

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-090-2 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-091-9 (trade) |  978-1-64949-092-6 (e-book)



A book of ABCS using different unusual animals and different reading levels for various ages. This book has suggested games and activities for preschoolers through first grade. The children should find the animals and descriptions interesting and fun.

$30.00 hardcover | $12.99 paperback

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-123-7 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-124-4 (hardcover)




Just a Moment—Changes a Life

As we reflect back on our life, we realize how just a moment can change life forever. A young girl challenged with dyslexia finds a key which allows her to travel on a historic journey with a girl born almost two hundred years ago. She discovers her dreams and challenges parallel those of the friend she will never meet but will personally know by the thoughts and prayers written on the faded pages of a diary.

Climb up on the covered wagon of the Catts/Crawford family and take an amazing journey west as an American pioneer. Celebrate and learn from the moments that changed the life of this young girl forever. Be thankful for the humble story she left behind to encourage a new generation who will encounter many of the same trials in life.

$14.99 paperback | $5.99 e-book

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-093-3 (paper) | 978-1-64949-094-0 (trade) | 978-1-64949-095-7 (e-book)



A Christmas Short Story

Lexie Logan Garrett is unprepared for the contents of a package she receives just before Christmas. Descendants of the people she left in 1857 have contacted her! How could anyone born more than one hundred fifty years in the past know of her existence? Why would they want to communicate with her?

$9.99 paperback | $2.99 e-book

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-103-9 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-104-6 (e-book)



A Novella – Destiny Series

Leah Johnson, Betsy Taylor West, and twins Rachel and Sarah Johnson were not born when Lexie Logan disappeared from the lives of their parents more than twenty-five years earlier, yet the Bells, Johnsons, and Wests still whisper about this mysterious woman when they don’t think others are listening.

Even Matthew Bell and the former slave, Peter, who knew Lexie, refuse to answer questions about her. The girls’ determination to find answers and solve the riddle of Lexie Logan lead them to an answer that is both shocking and unbelievable.


$10.99 paperback | $3.99 e-book

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-101-5 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-102-2 (e-book)



A children’s picture book depicting the night of Jesus’s birth. Told in a spiral learning methodology to aid children in remembering the story.

$9.99 paperback | $4.99 e-book

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-115-2 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-116-9 (hardcover) |  978-1-64949-117-6 (trade) |  978-1-64949-118-3 (e-book)




Books don’t exist. At least that’s what they want you to think.

Calessa knows reading is banned. Now that she knows she can, however, how can she stop?

The Answers, the notorious leaders of Ashkelan, are in pursuit, and Calessa has no choice but to befriend a fugitive.

You, the reader, must decide how Calessa and Axen will travel realms in search of the final answer. As they collect quotes of classic novels, the answer will reveal itself, freeing the city of Ashkelan and changing the future of readers forever.

$10.99 paperback | $4.99 e-book

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-024-7 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-025-4 (trade) | 978-1-64949-026-1



Develop a Life of Worship and Praise

Psalms 365 is specifically designed to help you develop a life of worship and prayer like the biblical David. Author David Kitz takes you on a journey to a deeper understanding of God’s will and his ways for your life. Each daily reading provides insight and inspiration for practical Christian living, allowing the Good Shepherd to guide you to the center of his will.

$10.99 (paperback)

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-108-4 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-109-1 (hard cover) | 978-1-64949-110-7 (e-book)




Tom Stevens was a super salesman. He and his friends delivered newspapers early every morning. Along their route, the boys often saw some pretty strange things. Then, one day, they actually became the story in the papers they delivered. Early in the morning, while it was still dark, the three boys stumbled across some suspicious activity. A tow truck begins to hook up an expensive car in someone’s driveway along their paper route. Tom sees the name Jake embroidered on one guy‘s pocket. But when the tow truck driver sees the boys, he drives off in the truck, leaving the car behind.

The boys’ adventures begin when they take matters into their own hands and investigate a series of car thefts.

$5.99 paperback | $2.99 e-book

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-128-2 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-129-9 (hardcover) | 978-1-64949-130-5 (trade)



Three days after Dell Hyssong’s granddaughter, Makayla, was born, the doctors told the family she wouldn’t survive. She had multiple tumors in her heart, one blocking the aorta 75 percent. Would Makayla live? How would this affect her family, a renowned singing trio, and their extensive traveling ministry?

$ 14.99 paperback | $9.99 e-book

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-096-4 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-097-1 (e-book)





A children’s book about loss and the struggles of grief from a child’s point of view. This story is created with love and compassion so young readers will find comfort during this stressful and difficult time.

$9.99 paperback | $4.99 e-book

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-111-4 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-112-1 (hardcover) | 978-1-64949-113-8 (trade) |  978-1-64949-114-5 (e-book)



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